Saturday, March 23, 2013

SPRING Collection 2013...MYHABIT

MYHABIT in cooperation with weather of today, SPRING! comes with a variety of collection for an event by WORN show some skin bearing of leg-bearing shorts, capris and cropped pants given the comforts of soft, cottons and linens. Style it with the collection of WORN the best of the best and latest boots and sandals to top it up with. Grab the Sneak Peak of the collection on this link, Click HERE first

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's late, working and trying to move on with life, oh my day of "ME" celebration is fast approaching now getting back on track much more faster now. I got all things fixed tonight, dishes, foods back in the fridge and oh...time for me... Got my workstation load up for battery for a long night of working, got some food to munch but I think I would just rather get on with cereals for the mean time. These gums are killing me totally not figuring it out much more quickly than noticing it rather than feeling the aches and pains on my gums. I run into my mobile phone and while I was preparing for my munchkins over the time I am going to work, I got a thought of taking a snapshot of bottle of wine. Got a glass, poured some. While stepping into my workstation and seconds by minutes and hours have passed by got some humming into my mind... If you ever changed your mind, Don't you dare come back to me crying I want you back again... I needed someone who would love me more than he love himself More than he love himself More than he Love Himself Love it, totally awesome song, great talent and very inspiring and emotionally overwhelming feeling. Want to know what I was saying? Go click on the link and hit like

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREE...sounds interesting? if yes is your answer I guess where off to the same track, I have been eyeing a new workstation that would suit my need in my field where I am right. If you are asking these same question over and over again is these... Needing a laptop? Well friends, few of my fellows got their blog flooded with giveaways all you need to do is visit their blog, like and share it to the entire social cyber world daily. click here for more information like, share and click ME